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Call today to schedule your appointment or schedule your appointment online 24 hours a day! Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with a lunch break from 12:00 pm to 1:10pm. We do have a very few early morning and lunch time hygiene appointments available at 7:00 am, 7:50 am, 11:50 am, and 12:30 pm; these are in high demand and it is highly recommended that you schedule these in advanced. The last available hygiene appointment each day is at 4:00 pm. For all other appointments, there are no early morning or lunch appointments, and the last available appointment each day is at 4:10 pm. We know everybody’s time is valuable and do our best to stay on schedule. Please assist us in this endeavor by arriving 5 minutes early to your appointment, this allows us time to correct any insurance issues, update any paper work, and possibly see you early for your appointment if we are running ahead of schedule. If you are running late to your appointment, please call us to discuss your options.

Missed Appointments

Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable dental care to our patients. A key role in keeping costs down is to make your scheduled appointment; however, we recognize that circumstances arise and it is not always possible to keep an appointment that you scheduled weeks or months out; we simply ask that you give us a minimum 24 hour notice to reschedule your appointment so that we can offer that valued appointment time to another patient. If we are not given 24 hour notice, it increases the likelihood that we will not be able to fill that vacated appointment time, resulting in increased costs. All missed or broken appointments without twenty-four (24) hour notice will be subject to a $50.00 charge per missed visit.

After Hour Emergencies

(901) 338-9371

If you are in need of emergency treatment after hours, please call our emergency hot line (901) 338-9371. There may be a simple solution that will temporary resolve your issue until the next morning where we can work you into our schedule. Please be aware, that if Dr. Pulido has to come into the office after hours for an emergency treatment, there may be an emergency fee of $100.00.
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A critical part in maintaining strong, healthy teeth and gums is proper dental hygiene. It is recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined at a minimum of once every 6 months.
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Cosmetic Treatments

A great smile is the foundation of self-confidence. Let us help make your smile the best it can be with our cosmetic treatments!
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