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Dr. Pulido Articles

From time to time Dr. Pulido will write informative articles on dentistry. You can find the most recent articles here.

Interproximal Decay and High Energy Drinks By: Mike Pulido, D.D.S. October 1, 2014 In recent years, I have observed an increase in patients with interproximal (between the teeth) decay. This got me curious as to what was causing this increase. I proceeded to poll patients with interproximal decay and found three common denominators: 1) they drink high energy drinks, such as Monster, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, etc.; 2) they drink filtered water that has no fluoride, such as bottled, refrigerator, etc; and 3) they do not floss much. High energy drinks pit the enamel between the teeth where the floss would be applied. This pitting initiates the first step towards tooth decay. The only way to know if you have this decay is through pain once the decay gets too close to the nerve or through diagnosing by taking X-rays. Should you use these drinks, it is very important to floss and make sure you do not miss your routine hygiene appointments and checkups. This type of decay is completely avoidable and most commonly seen in age groups ranging from 12 - 30 year olds.