Dental Hygiene

Our 4 hygienists have over 47 years combined experience as Registered Dental Hygienists. They are very skilled in their craft and will make sure you leave your appointment, not only with a clean smile, but with the knowledge to keep it that way. They, along with Dr. Pulido, will address any concerns they may have with your current dental health.
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Dental Treatments

Our office offers a wide range of services to our patients. Dr. Pulido and his staff perform a vast majority of dental procedures in house; however, for special cases, Dr. Pulido may refer you to a specialist that through his years in practice has built a professional relationship with and trusts wholeheartedly will provide the same quality service that our office provides to you. Please browse through the following links for more information regarding some of the services we provide.

General Dentistry

Dr. Pulido has over 29 years experience providing general dentistry. He is very skilled at his craft and provides a multitude of services that fall under General Dentistry.
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Crowns, Bridges, &


Crowns are essential in repairing broken teeth by strengthening and help preventing further degeneration of the underlying tooth. Bridges are one solution for placing a prosthetic tooth or teeth in gaps (missing teeth) between two or more natural teeth. Implants are another solution for replacing missing teeth with prosthetic teeth.
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Our orthodontia solutions will be able to correct any issues with the alignment of your teeth and provide you with a smile that consists of straight teeth without gaps. We offer two solutions: traditional metal braces and modern clear braces through Invisalign.
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Veneers are typically thin pieces of porcelain that cover a tooth and used to make slight corrections to your teeth, pertaining to: position, shape, size, and/or color.
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Teeth Whitening

A great smile isn’t complete without white teeth. We offer a couple solutions to remove stains from your teeth and return them to a bright white color. Two of our main solutions are take home bleaching trays with bleaching gel and in office Zoom Teeth Whitening System.
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Cosmetic Treatments

A great smile is the foundation of self-confidence. Let us help make your smile the best it can be with our cosmetic treatments! Our office provides a wide range of Cosmetic Treatments. We offer orthodontic services to correct teeth alignment, veneers to aesthetically cover a tooth, teeth whitening services to give you a nice white smile, and Botox and Juvederm to erase wrinkles and hide scars. The goal of these services is to provide you with a great smile that you are proud to show off to the world.
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Botox removes crows feet, bunny frowns, wrinkles between eyes and forehead.
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Juvéderm to fill nasal lines and lips by use of a revolutionary, a virtually painless procedure.
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