Zoom Teeth Whitening vs. Bleaching Trays

Throughout the course of most people’s lives, people will come into a variety of items that will stain your teeth. The most common are: tobacco products, tea, coffee, sodas, red wine, etc. Our office offers two teeth whitening solutions to remove the stains and bring your smile back to a pearly white shade: 1) an in-office solution is the Zoom Teeth Whitening system, 2) a take-home solution is custom fitted bleaching trays and tubes of bleaching gel. While there are several over-the-counter solutions to teeth whitening, they do not compare to a dentist-supervised solution. Most whitening toothpastes and rinses are ineffective. Over-the-counter strips, generally only reach the front teeth, leaving your back teeth untouched; this may cause your front teeth to be a different shade than your back teeth. Over-the-counter trays are not custom fitted and may not properly fit your mouth, allowing gel to leak and possibly cause gum irritation. Generally, over-the-counter whitening solutions do not have the sufficient strength and chemistry to achieve the desired results. A dentist-supervised solution is safe, effective, and often times patients with sensitive teeth can use these solutions.
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Bleaching Trays

We also offer a home whitening system. This system will whiten your teeth over a period of 1-3 weeks depending on your current shade and your desired shade. When you come to our office, we will take impressions and make custom fitted trays for you. After the trays are made we will give you the first set of bleaching gel and your trays to take home. Then all you have to do is spread a tiny amount of gel throughout your trays and wear them for 20 - 30 minutes each day while you are whitening your teeth. It is recommended to whiten your teeth in cycles every couple of weeks and not continuously bleach your teeth. Once your tubes of gel run out, you may purchase more from our office and start the cycle over again. We have 2 strengths of bleaching gel: 22% hydrogen peroxide and a 30% hydrogen peroxide.
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Zoom Teeth Whitening

The Zoom Teeth Whitening System will make your smile pearly white in a matter of 1-2 hours. The appointment consists of 3-4 15 minute sessions under the Zoom light. A short preparation will occur before your first session to prevent the hydrogen peroxide bleaching solution from irritating your gums and teeth. After each session your shade will be assessed; if it is determined that you will need another session to achieve the desired shade, more solution will be applied to your teeth and the light will be set up for another 15 minute session. The maximum number of sessions is four; however, the desired effect can usually be achieved within the first 3 sessions. All sessions are performed in one appointment at out office. We provide custom fitted bleaching trays and a tube of bleaching gel to take home with you for maintaining your newly acquired pearly white smile. For those with sensitive teeth, it is recommended that you brush your teeth with a special fluoride toothpaste, like you would with your normal toothpaste, for 2 weeks before your Zoom appointment.
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